Lake Powell Weddings

Talk about hundreds of remote locations, WOW. Lake Powell has over 1,800 miles, yes miles, of sublime shoreline, ancient sand stone mountains, slowly eroding away thousands of canyons, hundreds of feet high. There are 97 side canyons and tributaries that drain into the the once mighty Colorado River which is now Lake Powell. 

Visit our Lake Powell Wedding Guide site for detailed information about Lake Powell weddings.

Rent a houseboat,  take powerboats or arrange a private boat with a chef. You dream it, we plan it!  Rainbow Bridge is a magnificent natural stone bridge 290 feet high and 275 feet across a river.  It is a sacred place for the Navajo and many of the indigenous persons throughout history.  

Imagine... the flute plays and dances off the canyon walls, the bride and groom meet under natures grand arch and come together as one.  Their journey begins.   Let Monumental Arizona Weddings & Events get you boating through paradise to your ultimate wedding!


Lake Powell Rainbow Bridge
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