Grand Canyon
One of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon at 277 miles long and up to 18 miles wide offers unparalleled opportunity to celebrate your special day.

South Rim
Offering spectacular vistas, the South Rim is the most accessible area of the Grand Canyon. The diverse, beautiful colors of the mile-deep Canyon are a sight to behold and the South Rim offers eye candy in abundance. More…

North Rim
More remote and much less visited, the North Rim is a thousand feet higher in elevation than the South Rim. With pine trees on the rim and a more rugged appearance the North Rim provides a dramatic backdrop for any ceremony. More…

Deep within the Grand Canyon, this remote region has been the home to the Havasupai people for thousands of years. It is also the location of the spectacular sapphire blue waterfalls that draws adventurers to this off the beaten path wonderland. More…

East Rim - Page, Lake Powell
Including Lake Powell, Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend, the Grand Canyon East Rim has some amazing locations for your special day. Adventure awaits you at Lake Powell with over 1800 miles of shoreline is truly a jewel in the desert, with everything from houseboating to secluded beaches, Horseshoe Bend and majestic slot canyons.

Slot Canyons
The Lake Powell area has numerous slot canyons for you to explore. Carved over thousands of years by water and sand, these magnificent cathedrals in the desert are truly spectacular and are a staple of many peoples bucket list. More…

Horseshoe Bend
Horseshoe bend, a 180-degree loop in the Colorado River and viewed from the rim above the is a truly magnificent location. With its sheer walls plunging 1100 feet to the river below, the view is sure to take your breath away. More…

Tower Butte
Only accessible by helicopter, Tower Butte is an adventure right from the beginning. Leaving Page airport, you are whisked to the top of the 1000ft monolith with far ranging views of Lake Powell and the surrounding desert. More…

Lake Powell
One of the secrets of Northern Arizona, Lake Powell is an amazing adventure playground waiting for you. Beautiful clear waters reflect red sandstone cliffs and vibrant blue skies. With all types of water craft available there are 96 side canyons for you to explore. More…

Monument Valley
With its towering spires and buttes, Monument Valley is truly the iconic vision of the wild west. Located on the Navajo reservation in northern Arizona it has a long and diverse history in both native culture as well as the movie industry. More…

Zion Park
Carved by water over eons of time, Zion National Park is a canyon that invites you to participate in the very forces that created it. Spectacular towering cliffs, diverse flora and fauna as well as the Virgin River all combine to create an amazing adventure location for your special day. More…

Bryce Canyon
Stunning multi colored spires an hoodoos are what draw visitors to Bryce Canyon. Eroded from a huge escarpment of the Escalante National Monument, this natural amphitheater of psychedelic sandstone is a sight to behold. More…

Located in the Sonoran Desert, Scottsdale offers easy access to some wonderful locations just waiting for you to explore. As well as world class resorts there are crystal blue lakes, cactus studded desert trails and even a remote crystal mine on a mountain top. All offering unique desert experiences for that special day.

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Grand Canyon Weddings
Grand Canyon Weddings
Grand Canyon Weddings
Grand Canyon Weddings
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